Feeble Attempts At Making Things Easier

by Deeppressed

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A couple of simple songs to be shared in order to alleviate the pain in forceful separation. Download, reflect, and enjoy!


released May 1, 2014

To all my friends that stuck around and to the one that will never understand...
Recorded and Mixed by Tommy Juarez.
All songs and lyrics written by Ashton Noel.



all rights reserved


Deeppressed Bakersfield, California

I've dabbled in plenty of genres, but this seems to be the only one that is able to withstand my brutal honesty. This is not a cry for help, it's a scream to try and add personal definition to the word, "Why". Whether it be, songs about love, separation, or reclusive modesty; take them for what they are. This is for ALL of the people who stood by me, and for the ONE who will never fully understand ... more

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Track Name: Reprieve
I want to tell you that I want to help.
Extend my hands; do anything I can
so we don't drown in our complexity.
But, from down here,
It still looks like a giant mess.
But, I'll attempt the fix with you.

It felt like years I waited
for the metaphorical embrace.
Innocent infatuation
could have been the reasons for the risks I take.
But, I was blind...
Not from disease but,
from the radiance that bounces off
your eyes and onto me;
regarding every time we speak.
This is reassurance and reprieve
clarifying what you mean to me.
Track Name: Standing Still
I wasn't calling to persuade you
from doing what you want to.
I only called to make sure that the
kids will be alright.
I'm forced out of that bedroom
with the slightest memory of you
I'll sit inside the dark for hours
blinded by the night.

I can't find the strength
to change in any way
because lately, my days
are standing still.

You seem to care about yourself
but what about our children?
The toys and clothes,
stuffed animals,
you left me drowning in.
If you find another soul
I pray he'll father
both our children
better than the miserable
monster that I've become.

Your bed stayed here on purpose.
"Reminders" of my
A happiness I'll never
feel or see again.