The Catacombs EP

by Deeppressed

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My proverbial, cliche attempt at expressing my lack of concern for my own existence, as well as simply wanting to show a different side of the musical spectrum. This is for the multiple individuals who can't seem to find an easier way to escape the negative emotional intensity that life sometimes serves us.


released May 28, 2014

"First take", unmixed rough tracks recorded with LG Spectrum via Virtual recorder for Android by Ashton Noel.
All music and lyrics written by Ashton Noel.



all rights reserved


Deeppressed Bakersfield, California

I've dabbled in plenty of genres, but this seems to be the only one that is able to withstand my brutal honesty. This is not a cry for help, it's a scream to try and add personal definition to the word, "Why". Whether it be, songs about love, separation, or reclusive modesty; take them for what they are. This is for ALL of the people who stood by me, and for the ONE who will never fully understand ... more

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Track Name: Reprieve
I want to tell you that I want to help.
Extend my hands, do anything I can
so we won't drown in our complexity.
But, from down here, it still looks
like a giant mess, but I'll attempt the fix with you.
It felt like years I waited for
the calming feel of your embrace.
Innocent infatuation could have been
the reason for the risks I take.
But, I was blind. Not from disease,
from the radiance that bounces off your eyes and
onto me; regarding every time we speak.
This is the reassurance and reprieve
clarifying what you mean to me.
I knew I fell in love too fast.
I ignored every sign and signal
and I hoped that everything would pass.
I lied to myself.
Overwhelmed, I'm here to say,
as cliche as it may seem.
I'm so sorry.
Track Name: The Abyss
I am the water,
resting at the bottom of the barrel.
In fact, I'm considered as
the grain that's infused into the wood.
I'm sopping the mistakes.
How can I be sober
when substance brings silence to memory?
Suppressing every argument
and gracefully bringing me sleep.
All this meaningless sleep.
I guess you could say depressed.
But I say the steps towards progression.
The truth is that distance
Is distance and it's not what I need.
I feel less than low.
I can't escape from the days
where I spent feeling useless.
Unless, You would be willing
to drift away with me into the
effervescent darkness of the abyss.
Oh, how my lungs give out
along with the bones underneath
my worthless skin.
Until they figure out
an end to this all on their own,
I'm not so alone.
This common ground bound by
the failure to comprehend emotion
forces me to wither away.
I wither away.
Track Name: Don't Move
You said only two words.
Those two words
were all that you needed to say.
Don't move.
By the warmth in your eyes,
I felt my stomach capsize
and the weight of my heart began to dissipate.
It took every effort of mine
not to be guided by the light
that compelled me In the moment where I felt I had died.
In that backseat, I could have died happily.
Instead, you saved me.
Yeah, you saved me.
Though it was frightening,
our kiss was bound between
the troubled lives of two kids who strive to feel some sanity.
You said, "Don't move."
I felt my body succumb to my love for you.
Oh, how intense is my love for you.
Track Name: Standing Still
I wasn't calling to persuade you from doing what you want to.
I only called to make sure that the kids would be alright.
Now, I'm forced out of that bedroom with the slightest memory of you.
I'll sit in the dark for hours, Blinded by the night.
I can't find the strength to change in any way because lately my days
are standing still.
You seem to care about yourself, But what about our children?
The toys, the clothes, their stuffed animals you left me drowning in.
If you find another soul, I pray he fathers both our children
better than the miserable monster that I've become.
Your bed stayed here on purpose; a reminder of my worthlessness
and a happiness I'll never feel or see again.
Track Name: The Catacombs
I'm trapped
Inside the catacombs
of your ever aching heart.
Surrounded by the echoes
of the choking on the words we spoke.
Now, I'm well aware
of the difference in between
holding hands and changing souls.
I learned that every ounce
of happiness is seldom seen in the walls
of that house you once lived in.
I couldn't stand it.
It chewed me up and spit me out,
the thought of all the self doubt
ready to emerge from the depths of you.
I won't tell you how to live.
I don't think I could force myself,
even if I wanted to.
I knew I'd wait up for you.
I won't lay my head to rest.
I'm so sick of everyone
breathing down our necks.
I was starving for a chance to prove
that's all the words I spoke were true.
Forgetting every breath that you
always seemed to take from me.
My eyes were blind to see
any of the waves that would
crash over me,
or on top of me,
or under me.
I didn't mean to cling to that moment
in that back seat.
It's not the word that makes me cringe
It's fear of never sitting in
the same form of contentment and solidarity.
Just break me.
Do me the favor of taking me
out of this emptiness.
Your heart retains beauty.
It's hard not contributing,
It doesn't make sense why you'd
blame yourself for anything.